Dravid- An unsung great

Dravid- An unsung great

The most overused word in cricket is “great”. Very few cricketers are there who qualify for it. Rahul Dravid is one of them. The unsung hero of modern-day batting. The man who gets out only when desired. A true gentleman of a game who can do any task assigned to him. Be it wicketkeeping, slip fielding, or bowling apart from batting. An excellent quote by Sidhu stated that he can even walk on broken glass when his team requires him to do sums up all his dedication and commitment towards his passion for the game which he engulfed way back while he was a kid.

                   His serious outlook with a very calm mind was adored by his fans all around the world. Many people criticize him regarding his innings paced up with a slow run rate resulted in the loss of many great matches.

His 22 ball mighty fifty against New Zealand in 2003

                    But lest we shouldn’t forget his inning which he played in 2003 against Kiwis where he scored 50 runs of just 22 balls becoming the second-fastest fifty in one day cricket by an Indian after Ajit Agarkar. The class shown in that match was incredible and from that time the world witnessed different Rahul Dravid in him.

                     I can’t forget his flat six over the cover region in that match. The aggression was clearly visible in his batting and taking that aggression forward he went on to become one of the premium batsmen in ODIs as well. Single-handed taking matches away from opposition within no time itself denotes your batting capability to bat fast along with long innings. As a batsman with solid defense can bat aggressively too. During the defense, we try to middle the ball which enhances our concentration which helps in hitting shots more precisely with less bat swing.

                    One more famous quote by Chris Gayle is that he can bat like Chris Gayle but Gayle cannot bat like Rahul Dravid. That shows the supremacy level yours.

How old is Rahul Dravid

                  Talking about your personal life, you were born on 11th January 1973 (48 years now) in Indore in a Maratha family. Soon, you moved to Bangalore ( now Bengaluru ) where your father Mr. Sharad Dravid worked in a Jam factory, thus bestowing you with yet another name that is ‘Jammy’. Your mother Pushpa was a professor of architecture in one of the reputed universities in Bengaluru. Later on, you earned a degree in Commerce from St. Joseph’s College of Commerce, Bangalore. You got selected to the Indian cricket team while pursuing MBA from  St Joseph’s College of Business Administration.

Rahul Dravid family

           On 4th May 2003, you got married to Dr.Vijeta Pendharkar. Rahul Dravid wife is a surgeon from Nagpur. Your love story was a smooth hurdle-free ride. Blessed with two children soon in 2005 (Samit) and in 2009 (Anvay).

Rahul Dravid cricketer

                        But his true caliber was engraved in test cricket. As being with solid defense and eyes on the ball till the last moment with no pre-planned shots and appropriate footwork made him an ideal batsman for generations to come. You were the reason why test cricket becomes so special for many Indian fans. The way you pace up your inning while setting up on the crease where you were bitten during the first few deliveries then accelerate slowly was a treat to watch.

Why Rahul Dravid is called “The Wall”?

                         You have scored ten thousand scores in both the longer format of the game. Also, you hold the record for the most number of deliveries played in international cricket and also the longest time to stay on crease overall in terms of hours. The reason why the “THE WALL” name was awarded to you.

Rahul Dravid’s 233* against Australia in 2003-2004          

                          I still remember your inning which you played way back in the 2003-2004 test match against Aussies in their homeland. Against the brisky score of over 500 runs scored by Aussies in the first inning. India lost four wickets in quick succession and then came the wall who not only scored 233 runs but also took a match away from the opposition registering the historic win on their home soil after twenty years. Since that time, you never looked back and scored yet another 270 runs against Pakistan in 2004. In that inning, a blend of various shots was played all around the park.

                          From that time, you never looked back and score runs after runs winning matches. The best part of your batting is square cut which you can play even against deliveries on middle stump. Probably the best square cut in cricket history is of yours till now. Many tried to copy that shot but with no perfect result.

Rahul Dravid as a fielder

              You were also known for your fielding efforts, where you took some of the finest catches at slip becoming the player with the most number of Test matches catches under the non-wicket keeping category.

                  The world may recognize you as the finest batsman, but your fielding was equally of the same level when it comes to slip fielding.

                  An ideal batsman under test circumstances whose concentration level was like Arjuna in Mahabharata. Eyes till the last moment. You can even tuck the ball by the bowler bowling over 145 km/hr consistently. The man who never gave up no matter what the circumstances might be.

Rahul Dravid vs Sachin Tendulkar declaration

                  But your supreme-level cricket career was over-shadowed by none other than great Sachin Tendulkar. The biggest regret was that you both played during the same era. Sachin played at a higher strike rate during the whole career. You were a bit slow in that context. Overall, you both were of the same level when it comes to batting technique.

                  While scoring runs you played as an unsung hero anchoring the inning every time your team needed the most. Though many people criticized your decision as a test captain when you declared the inning when Sachin was batting at 194 just 6 runs shy of two hundred. According to me, that showed your brave-hearted persona and fearless approach towards the game where you saw the team rather than an individual.

Rahul Dravid personality

                       You are also known for your simplicity and true gentleman character off the field. You always stand in a queue and always travel in economy class. After retirement as well your love and passion for the game haven’t left.

                     You took India under 19 to another world cup win. Emerging cricketers like Sanju Samson, Shubhman Gill, and Rishabh Pant are some of your great contributions to Indian cricket post-retirement.

What is Rahul Dravid doing now

Currently, you are the head of NCA Bangaluru carving young cricketing talents.

                     Your quote “Tough times never last, tough people do” inspired me to start blogging during a tough time of Corona Virus spreading all over the world. To Get all the latest IPL updates visit – IPL 2021 start Date