How does google lens works

How does google lens works

Amazing facts about Google

What is the first word that comes to our mind when you hear about Google? Google the omnipresent technology that can fulfill all the needs of humans. Let us now discuss some amazing facts about google and how does google lens works.

  • On August 16, 2013, Google was not reachable just for 5 minutes which resulted in a decrease in global internet usage by 40%.
  • Google once wanted to sell their search engine to yahoo for $2 million. Yahoo didn’t accept this offer. Later in 2002 yahoo offered $3 billion to buy Google which Google didn’t accept.  
  • Google was first stored on ten 4GB hard drives in a Lego casing. The design would let the founder expand his storage capacity easily. This index has now over 100 million GB of space.

Introduction to Google Lens

google lens

With the evolution of the newer technologies of Google, a lot of significant changes took place during the last few years. Where one of the major changes or we can say something that has changed the entire perception regarding this search giant is Google Lens. 

I am sure you all must have heard this term somewhere in your life. Even a few of you might have used it as well. 

What Is Google Lens

Google lens is an image recognition technology developed by Google using visual analysis to bring out the relevant information suiting every person’s need. Initially released on October 4, 2017. Google lens is the search engine for the real world.

How does google lens works

It works on the principle of artificial intelligence to identify the image, text and the object in that picture where it is been focused and then rank those images according to the similarity and relevancy to the object in the picture.

Other than this, whatever is written on it, it tries to find useful relevant information from the web results. 

How to download google lens

To use the Google Lens, the first and recommended way is to download it for Android, iOs, or Windows PCs through their respective downloading platforms. But you can even use it without downloading. All you need to do is to:

how to download google lens for android

Through the Google assistant: say Ok google. At the bottom right tap google lens for real the time search. Off you go. This is for Android phones. 

how to download google lens for iOs

  • open the app
  • click on the Google lens icon to the right of your search bar, besides the microphone.
  • It will ask permission to access your iOS camera.
  • Tap OK. 

how to download google lens for PC or laptop

  • Pay a visit to chrome://flags.
  • Search for #context-menu-search-with-google-lens.
  • Tap the setting and select ‘Enabled’ Restart Chrome by tapping ‘Relaunch’.

As of now, you are all set to launch this feature from google. Now, let us know some other vital aspects of this feature from Google. 

You know the best thing about Google lens is that it is capable of carrying out translations without the need for an internet connection and it is free for its users. 

How to use google lens

The Android 9 and android 10 have an inbuilt scanner related to the Google lens. All you need to do is to open the camera app and point it towards that QR code. It will automatically scan the code and bring out the relevant URL. You can even now use google lens to copy and paste handwritten notes on PC. But for this, you need to have the latest version of google lens. Then 

  • Open the Google lens app and tap on the lens button.
  • Point your camera towards that handwritten note. 
  • Click the photo and adjust it to suit your need.
  • Then select copy to a computer that will appear below while you click the photo. 

This entire handwritten note will be copied which you can paste wherever you want. But for using this feature, you should have good handwriting.

Interesting features of google lens

Let us now look at some of the important features of the Google lens

  • You can now detect flowers, Animals, landmarks, and a lot more through this feature. Just point on that particular object through your phone camera to know its exact details. But for this, you should have the Google Lens installed. You can also find this feature on google photos. It might seem a bit tricky during its initial use. But I am sure you will get used to it once you start using this vital feature from search engine giant. 
  • In life, you may have encountered a lot of people who hands you their visiting cards. To note their contact details on your phone are way too old. Now, you can write their contact details without actually need to type. All you need to do is to point the camera on that contact detail where google lens will scan the information and do the rest for you. Is it an amazing feature!
  • Internet is used through both smartphones and desktop/laptop. You can now scan the URL from the system to your mobile phone and open the browser. 
  • If you are the city maniac who loves to roam around the city and trying various cuisines. But as you are about to explore a new city, confused about where to head. Don’t worry as through google lens you can even get the rating and reviews of all the restaurants in the city. 
  • Next very important feature, I am sure girls would love it. As shopping is in their genes. Window shopping is very common nowadays. We generally go to the showroom and from the window itself, we crave that particular product though it might be out of my budget. Through a phone camera, you can get the snap clicked. Using google lens, you can look for a variety of similar products at less price along with buying links and reviews. So, next time you see something interesting in someone’s house or place, just whip your phone and get the picture clicked. Finding out all the relevant information and fulfill your desire. 
  • For every bookaholic, this feature is very important. Just scan the book through google lens where you will get the summary, buying links, review, and of course the price.

About google lens translate

Gone were the days when google translate was prevalent. In the modern era, it is been taken over by google lens. Like other objects, here you can scan any writing in any language and get it translated in real-time. Apart from that you can also impart an already shot image and translate the text soon.  

Google lens text recognition

Google lens will open the camera. Tap on translate at the bottom and then press the icon to open the paper clipping. You will immediately get a translation in your desirous language from where you can edit as required.  

I am sure now you must be having a thorough knowledge of all these features. You will encounter these in your everyday life. 

How to stop google lens

But sometimes, we need to stop the google lens from working due to several reasons such as saving the phone’s battery or optimizing the data consumption. In such a case, the best way below mentioned the following steps to follow:

  • go to settings/apps
  • click on 3 vertical dots at the top right of the screen.
  • Choose show system.
  • Then scroll down to the lens. Finally, click on force stop and disable the feature.

Final words

Thanks for your invaluable time in going through the entire article. Hope you liked it. Do share it on Facebook and Instagram and make knowledge be a part of everyone’s life. Cheers!

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