How to build a B2B content strategy

How to build a B2B content strategy

You’ve done your due diligence, you’ve made sure that everyone has the same understanding of what needs to be created, and now it’s time to build.

It can’t be said enough times: Content marketing is key for B2B businesses who want to create a big impact quickly. If you’re not creating content then your competitors are, or they’ll leave you behind—it’s as simple as that.

“I used to think being number one in search was all about links and content,” says Rand Fishing, “but now I realize how much community, brand perception and trust play into it.” President Obama agrees; he thinks the entire economy will move towards information-based companies because customers are demanding it more than ever before.

But where do you start when it comes to creating content?

Here are some tips, plus an in-depth look at the kinds of content B2B marketers should be producing in 2018.

The Content Marketing Institute has released its annual report on the top content marketing tactics for 2017. The blog post shares what’s working for businesses, based on survey data from more than 1,000 professionals who work in content marketing. It covers everything from blogging to video marketing and social media—and how they all tie together into a cohesive approach that can help your business grow.

“If you’re brand new to content marketing, this is the perfect guide,” says Salina Knight, “with actionable advice each step of the way.”

“People often talk about content calendars,” says Dr. Travis Brad berry, “but don’t have a good explanation for why you need one, what it should include, and how to use it.” In this article from Inc., the bestselling author of Emotional Intelligence 2.0 gives his best tips for creating a content calendar that actually works.

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Every content creator knows that search engine optimization is important for getting your message in front of Non Woven Fabric Buyers the right audience, but many marketers learn the hard way that choosing the wrong keywords can tank their entire campaign—and they might never recover . This post from SEO Expert walks through six common mistakes B2B businesses make when choosing their keywords.

Every marketer knows that Google Analytics is an essential tool for measuring site traffic, but how many marketers know how to use it? In this webinar from Hub Spot, learn how to put Google Analytics to work for your business.

The folks at Search Engine Journal have brought together the top three ways content creators can get found by more people on social media. While some of these tactics might seem like common sense (put links in your bios), others are less obvious (embed videos in tweets).

B2B Marketers

“For B2B marketers who want to get into social media,” says Chris Winfield, “this is a great way to break down all the tools and show you the best practices.”

Many businesses today underestimate the power of video—here’s why you shouldn’t make the same mistake. It’s not about creating a YouTube channel; it’s about using video to tell your customers the story behind your company.

“Good content marketers know that if you can’t tell a compelling story, you don’t have anything,” says Jason Miller, “and this post explores how to make an impact with video.”

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Content marketing isn’t something you do occasionally; it’s here to stay and businesses need to embrace it as part of their culture. In this piece from The Way We Work, learn why creating a content strategy is one of the keys to success for every B2B business.

While these articles cover many different aspects of content marketing and social media marketing, they all have one thing in common: They’re great examples of what B2B marketers should be consuming every day.

Not only will this help you stay up-to-date on the latest trends in marketing, it’ll also give you inspiration for meaningful content that makes an impact with your audience.

If you’re just getting started with social media, check out our guide to social media marketing, or sign up for Hub Spot today—it’s free!

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