Tesla Electric Car in India, launching, Pricing, Careers (2021)

Tesla Electric Car in India, launching, Pricing, Careers (2021)

Amidst the modern era, where Tesla automation has taken over every aspect of the world now, who would have thought that you could operate cars with a touch of a button from a far distance?

          Yes, very soon this could be the reality as Tesla, the biggest electric-car maker in the world, will probably enter the Indian market during the early quarters of 2021. Sounds futuristic. Right? Let us move ahead and know more about the giant electric-automaker. 

About Tesla

Tesla is the US-based electric carmaker started in 2003 with the name Tesla motor. Its name derived from its inventor and electrical engineer Nikola Tesla, having its headquarter in Palo Alto, California. Some of its dominant products are:

  • Electric automobile
  • Sun panels
  • Sunroof tiles

 Elon Musk the major founder of this giant EV maker went to become its CEO in 2008 till the present. Interestingly, he is now the richest man in the world with a whopping net worth of US $200 Billion. 

Tesla’s car models that will enter the Indian market with its price

Tesla India Launch date – There are a lot of speculations that four models of Tesla can hit the Indian market during the initial stages. On top of the list would be the Tesla version 3 predicted to debut in early 2021.

Tesla Pricing in India

It is also one of the least expensive of all, pricing at 60 Lakhs in the Tesla lineup. It will more likely be available with a single or dual motor that can produce power of 283 BHP to 450 BHP. Not only this, but it can also click the speed from 0 to 100 Km/hr at 3.3 seconds. Considering the claim from Tesla, it can run up to 500 km over a single charge.

The other models of the miraculous Tesla Model cars are

  • Tesla version S- 1.50 Crore INR
  • Tesla Model X- 2.00 Crore INR
  • Tesla version Y- 50 lakhs INR

Tesla plant in India

The Chief Minister of Karnataka BS Yediyurappa claims that Tesla will have its first manufacturing tesla plant in Karnataka.

Tesla India company -Though it is already been registered by the name Tesla India Vehicles registered as the company in Bengaluru. More likely it will have the headquarter within the same state. Very soon you will find its research centers and manufacturing units at various places in India during the coming years.

Tesla owners in India

It is a great honor to proudly own this magnificent brand vehicle in India. Top Indian tycoons who own the Tesla EV vehicle or have already booked it are listed below. Have a look. Below mention the tesla owner in India.

  • Mukesh Ambani, chairman, Reliance Industries Ltd
  • Vijay Shankar Sharma, founder of Paytm
  • Shashi Ruia, proprietor of Essar institution
  • Mahesh Murth, Pinstorm CEO
  • Sujayath Ali, CEO of online fashion brand Voonik

How electric engine works

The electric engine works on the simple principle of charging. Here, the power of the car is been taken from the grid employing it into the charging station. Electricity is been stored in rechargeable batteries that further run the wheel of the car.

It is quite easy to charge an EV car simply by plugging it with the charging points. It can also be charged through public charging stations. Although, in India, you won’t find it in abundance quantity. 

      However, as sooner Tesla will launch up its plant in India, soon you would find these public charging stations across each corner of the nation.

Types of electric cars

There are three types of electric cars on market.

  • Plug-in-electric– if you are looking for an EV car that can run entirely on electricity then this car is for you. It runs by way of charging through the charging station directly.
  • Plug-in-hybrid– the other type of EV vehicle that doesn’t entirely run on electric energy. Rather when it runs out of power, it can be fully operated through a traditional fuel device.
  • Hybrid-electric powered– concerning plug-in hybrid that runs on conventional gasoline device as the second alternative. It is the other way round for a hybrid-electric powered car. One of the most famous EV cars in the Indian market that can be switched from fuel engine to EV-mode within the touch of the button within the car itself. The electric battery receives charge through a regenerative braking system.

                           A regenerative braking system is a way of converting the kinetic energy of the car into the potential energy when the brake is applied that further went through the electrical motor which is used to recharge the battery.

Tesla India career

              With Tesla India career likely to debut in India, aspirants may be eyeing this EV-giant for their lucrative careers ahead. Booming vacancies to be out very soon.

              But even now you can apply for the vacancy internationally through tesla India Career wherein simply through appropriate filtering, you can look for your required vacancy. Sounds good? I guess for all.

Final thoughts

This article is meant for those who are anxiously waiting ahead of the launch of this miraculous brand in India.

           Looking from the common man’s perspective, the price may seem high but there might be a chance that government may provide some rebates with the aid of Tesla.

         Even though the initial cost is high but running cost will be much low if you compare it with conventional gasoline system cars that have fulfilled the basic necessity of human beings considering its arrival in 1885. 

           So, don’t wait guys. Push yourself up and share the words with your friends and colleagues making Tesla the household name in every Indian home. Have a futuristic year. Bye!

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